I Live Here Now

aah…i just finished pretending to sit under a hawaiian waterfall in my shower. i’ve spent the last 8 hours making coffee, and today kicked my butt. so, shower instead of exercise seemed like a fair trade.

i’m in utah! five months ago i had no idea what was in store for me here, and really, life continues in that vein with bits and pieces coming together slowly. i’ve never been a patient one, so i guess God is really wanting me to have more patience :).

the other thing God has been teaching me is to depend upon others – i have had to. stripped down after san francisco, i am starting here from scratch. for a while i didn’t have a steady job, and i had to let people feed me. now that i have a job, people are taking me to work and offering their cars to me when they are away.

it’s humbling to be in this position. after all, i am college-educated and teacher-certified. in a worldly sense, i’ve paid my dues. but really, it is humbling in the best way possible. when someone offers their help to me, it is God’s provision; his way of saying, “Hey, i’ve got this.” which begs the question: why do i live life “diy” when God, GOD is willing to create a deeper, richer life for me?

deep thoughts!

now for some fun facts:

1. i am going to The Rock Church now, where i have so many new and awesome friends. people keep telling me how well i’ve assimilated and how easily i’ve made friends, but everyone has been so amazing with me, so i give them all the credit!

2. i love my roommate! we’re as opposite as can be, and it is cause for continuous hilarity. i should note that it’s mainly her laughing at me.

3. at the same time, it was very strange to arrive in a new place and find that almost every person i have met enjoys the same healthy serving of sarcasm as me every day, my roommate included.

4. nerdiness abounds, and i have ample scrabble competitors. and, according to others, i am also in a competition with one of my other friends for the title of “knowitall.” i think she wins though, because she knows all of the presidents and their years of office.

5. my one friend that i have known since high school who lives here has a two year old and a 4.5 month who i get hang with on a regular basis – some of the sweetest times!

6. though this is mormon capital, great indie coffee shops abound, yay!

7. ironically, i moved from seattle to utah to work at starbucks.

8. there are seagulls here, but no ocean.  it’s actually the state bird. wha???

9. though there is no ocean, the mountains are beautiful and so close that sometimes they look like they are going to fall on me.

10. back to the birds thing, i have had more conversations here with people wherein we were anthropomorphizing ducks than, well, ever.

11. i like it here. i’m really happy and blessed. i pray that no matter what the next days, weeks, and months bring that i, like the woman in in proverbs 31, continue to “smile at the future.”

Hey, how’s that for a five month recap? Hopefully I’m back in the game and updates will be more regular.

Until next time!


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  1. Kimberly

    Yea! I love that you live in Utah. Isn’t life so funny? I love you, Heather Jean 🙂

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