When I wrote my last post, I had been up since 2:30 am. I wanted to give you a story, but my endurance was low, so here is part deux.

I am at my sister’s house, and my 10 year old nephew is making bacon and eggs. He calls out “THERE’S ALOT OF BACON SO EAT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN!” Bliss.

It’s so nice to be home after four months of nothing familiar. Which is why I’m moving to Utah? It doesn’t make sense in light of how much I’ve missed home, but I have to say, I am really excited for it.

While I was in SF, a friend of my mine, Suji, whom I know through one of my dearest  friends, Kim, was in Berkley for the past month on business. Kim came to visit the Bay area and her, Suji and I had an epic weekend hangout session. It was just what I needed. Upon learning of the difficulties I was facing, both Kim and Suji encouraged me to think about moving to Utah, where they both live.

Kim and her husband often lead worship at their church, The Rock, a thriving Christian church in the middle of Mormon-city. Her husband is also one of the pastors there. Their church community is amazing, and the love of Christ is evident in the way they live their lives and in how welcoming they have been to me every time I have visited.

So after deciding that I could not stay in SF, I had two options on the table: go home where I would be bunking with my nephew, or go to Utah where Suji has graciously offered me her extra bedroom and a chance to get back on my feet. As far job-hunting goes, I know that the market here has been difficult, and though I don’t know what it is like in Utah, I’d like to give it a go. There are no guarantees either way, but I am unfettered at this point, and have been handed an opportunity for adventure.

I am excited to be near my friend Kim, who is expecting her 2nd little one in February. Normally we only have the chance to see each other briefly over the holidays, and I relish the thought of getting to spend more time with her and her family.

So I am moving to Utah. My boxes are already there. I will get the chance to hang out with some cool people who I haven’t seen in years. I will look for a job. I will pine for Trader Joes and the ocean (sad, I know). I will stand outside the Mormon temple drinking coffee and thus tempting  them to sin ;). I will try to sneak into the swag tents at Sundance. I will play in the snow.

Why not? I may not always be so “mobile,” so I am going to live it up! Here’s to the future!

Utah, get ready, the HAUCK is coming.


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  1. Heather, You are amazing! I am so excited for you and what this new opportunity holds for you! I will think of you every time I enjoy my favourite TJ’s wine! Love love love

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