Let Me Break It Down For You

I know my posts have maybe been a tad frustrating to read, being all cryptic and what not, but I needed to wait until the business was all finished to share the details of this story with you.

What an interesting four months this has been – I flew into San Francisco fresh and excited, and confident that I was meant to be here. I am still confident that this is where the Lord wanted me to be. It’s just not where he’s keeping me.

This teaching job has brought so many great rewards for me – I have grown as an educator and been stretched beyond what I thought I could do. I had the opportunity to work with a small student body, so I got to know my students well. I worked with a staff who are fiercely dedicated to making the life of each student a hopeful one.

It has been an unending amount of work, none of which I begrudge. That said, the situation I walked into was not what I expected, financially speaking. While it is a great school with good intentions, the struggle the administration dealt with to pay teachers each month was palpable and caused considerably low morale.

When I learned of these difficulties upon arrival in San Francisco, I just prayed that things would work out. But each paycheck became more of a stretch until finally, even though the administration tried to spare newbies such as myself, the day came when there was no paycheck in my mailbox.

The whole time I have been here and known of the financial difficulties of the school, I have wrestled with having the faith that God will provide and having the wisdom to know when it was time to move on in order to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to me.

After much prayer, counsel, and seeking truth in God’s word, I decided that though it was a hard decision, I had to leave the school in search of work that would pay.

I will soon begin a new season. I am leaving behind some really amazing people, and though this has been what one of my friends has called my “winter of discontent,” I really have no regrets about all that has transpired here.

Now that the mess is behind, I will take some time to share stories of  the people I have met and some of the sweet and funny and experiences I have had here.

I will also share in more detail how it is that I found myself saying “Yes, I will move to Utah.”

But that’s all for now. Stay tuned :).


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  1. Utah!!! You are a brave girl. =) Can’t wait to hear more stories and details.

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