Done and not done

I did what I needed to do, and the Lord has given me peace…But it’s not totally over yet. Deep breaths. More later.



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2 responses to “Done and not done

  1. Alanna Abrams

    I’m praying for you, Heather. I hope during this hard time that God is bringing you closer to Him and providing opportunities to find joy. Like a new friend that can lead you constantly back to Him. I am sorry you are walking through a period that is your Exodus. God will lead you to His promised land. He does not lead us through the dessert (or desert, I can’t ever remember) to abandon us there, even though it really does feel like it at the time. And looking back at what I have just written, I hope it doesn’t sound trite. I am walking in my own desert/dessert right now and very little brings me a feeling of hope. How did I get so far away from depending on Him for my hope? I grow bleak and impatient and I get angry. And I know through all of my faithlessness and doubt that he still wraps His arm around me and trudges with me through the cold, deep snow. And I realize once again that I am a poor example of Christ. By His grace alone do I have faith that even now, he uses my sad and sour heart to hopefully bring peace to a former house mate. I will continue to pray for you friend.

  2. thanks friend :). your words are encouraging. and by your encouragement of me, i pray that you are strengthened as well. i should say that while this is pretty difficult, there are some sweet things coming from it. i will provide more details when i feel like i can publicly share…or you can call 🙂 love you alanna!

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