Is Love Alive?

A little mood music as you read…

My latter post was somewhat…despairing…I was waiting to write until things got better, but instead, they got a little worse. I hate to bore anyone with another somber note, for I know we all like happy things.

But I may never write again if I stick only to those bright spots…Not that it is ALL bad, and truthfully, it never has to be as bleak as it feels sometimes.

But in the past few weeks, I have had to work through some bleakness.

A stranger in a strange land, with little to go on, and then that little taken away…Certainly doesn’t make it easy to feel hopeful.

I was never promised that this road would be easy. There are no guarantees for this life; none that I will marry, that I will have a successful career, or that I will even see the dawn of another day.

I am only promised the strength and grace of Christ to sustain me in the bad and the good. Where is my hope when things are bad? Where is my joy when things are good? If there are two different answers to those questions, then I am missing it altogether.

I have to be truthful and say that sometimes my hope is in my possessions and my joy is in successes I claim as my own…So when things are bad, I look for something other than God to make me feel better.

My view of God fades as I look outside of Him for warmth in winter. Like putting on a swimsuit in the snow and wondering why I am so cold…It is silly to think of, but this is how I look every time I do not seek comfort in prayer and in the Word, when I fail to recognize the graces He brings to me through the people He has called to love me, or when I fail to love those He has placed in my path.

Winter can be so bleak. What can be our Hope be when there is only light for a few hours in the day, and when the weather turns our thoughts more easily to death and dying, sickness and soul-lessness?

Christ is my fair-isle sweater, my scarf, my fingerless gloves so I can read in the cold, my poofy and constricting “Christmas Story”-esque snowsuit. I am warmed by His love and grace, by His power to live in the midst of dying…

His death he turns into life for each of us, a blossom in the snow.

Love is alive.


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