plenty to do and no place to go

what a perfect day. to be on the patio of a quaint restaurant with friends. to go on a drive to the beach or the park.

but, sad as it may sound, neither friends nor car do i have here on this incredibly warm and sunny day. splayed out before me are textbooks and lesson plans, and also a bowl of fruit that is a permanent resident of this kitchen table.

all is quiet. my shoulders are sore from a combination of sitting for long hours and walking half a mile with two large bags of groceries slung over my shoulders. i feel antsy and want to get out – but where? a coffee shop where i can perhaps do more sitting and planning…a mall where i can listen to the lives of strangers…

don’t let me sound so pathetic. i am in the process of procuring a vehicle. then i will get to know this town and these people. it’s only been a month, and considering all i have to do, i imagine that it is good that i don’t have a car or friends to distract me.

and this is nice. i have some instrumental music going that my roommate recommended, and the windows are open to let in warm breezes. i am getting stuff done, and that always feels good.

tonight i am making fish tacos with mango salsa. if you are hungry, stop by. i am only a 2 hour plane ride away…


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