Gooood Morning San Francisco!!!!

I have changed so much about my life in a little less than a month, but I remain the same non-sleeping person after the 3 am hour. It’s just as well since I have so much to do.

Not that anyone besides friends and family (and maybe not even them) will read this, but just in case, the story is this:

I left my Seattle home and moved to San Francisco about a month ago, having no idea I would be doing this a month and one week ago. If you can do the math, this = me tearing through my belongings like the tazmanian devil to ensure I would have at least the basics for my arrival here. It also = me + heart-wrenching and hasty goodbyes.

SO I made it here. On the second night I was rifling through my suitcases for a sweater that I wear a lot, and I could not find it. Under normal circumstances this is just a hassle. However, I was not feeling normal. I was staying in a stranger’s house. I had no getaway car. I had started a new job that day and felt the heavy weight of all my new responsibilities.

I panicked and checked my suitcases and all the pockets again – maybe it was there and I just hadn’t seen it. But it was not.  Fatalistic at this point, I mourned the loss of my navy cardigan. I cried and I called my friends and family to talk about it.

I am coming across as a tad crazy. But I think you get it. Cardigan = familiarity. No cardigan = everything I have known leaving me cold and alone in a new place. My best friend gave me some encouraging and challenging words: “You told God you would go. Now he is asking, ‘will you stay?'”

I am flying back to Seattle tomorrow.

Just kidding.

People are strange when you’re a stranger, but I am not as much of a stranger as I was a month ago. Now I not only know people; I know friends. They have gone out of their way to welcome me, take me to the grocery store, move my bed , pray for me and encourage me.

I am feeling so incredibly blessed right now I can’t even tell you (but I guess I just did!). I am in an amazing city that I get to explore. I have a home and a great roommate. I have a job teaching kids about all the stuff they have to learn + I get to talk to them about Jesus! I have a God who put me here for such a time as this.


I have a navy cardigan that arrived in the mail yesterday.


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